The Greenhaven

The Greenhaven is a fertile valley straddling the Rhine, centered on Lake Constance in the northern foot of the Alps. This is the home of the Halflings.

The Halflings are a quiet, peaceful folk who desire nothing more than to stay out of the affairs of others. Their valley is a place of well-ordered farms and quiet villages, home to some of the best reputed inns in Europe. They have one settlement that might be called a city, Constance, on the south bank of the lake that bears its name.

The Halflings govern themselves by democratic consensus; political posts are largely ceremonial and the government’s chief functions are keeping the roads clear and dealing with the occasional pack of wolves.

The Halflings are renowned for their skill at agriculture, woodwork, brewing and distillation. Much of the food consumed by the dwarves is grown here, as is the best pipeweed known anywhere. Beer and whiskey are also exported by the cartload all over the continent. It is because of this that the Halflings live in relative peace and security despite having no standing army or even an organized militia… for even the Vikings fear the repercussions of interrupting the supply of liquor and pipeweed to the Dwarves. Many, perhaps most, Halflings are blissfully unaware of this reality and very naive about the nature of life outside their borders.

Currency: the Halflings still use Roman currency but are also fond of bartering.

Languages: The halflings’ had their own tongue once but it has been lost to the ages, being long since replaced by German, Dwarvish and Latin.

Weapons, Armor & Equipment: Skill with any arms is unusual among the Halflings. When pressed they typically use in combat those weapons normally used to put food on the table: the sling, shortbow and dagger.

Religions: The Halflings have their own deities, and some among them worship dwarven deities.

Player-Character Possibilities: Bard, Cleric (Halfling or Dwarvish gods), druid, fighter, rogue.

The Greenhaven

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