The Black Forest

The wooded mountain range known as the Black Forest sits in the southwestern area of the Gothic Lands, a heavily forested rectangle measuring roughly 320 by 140 miles. The Black Forest is home to the Elves.

The Elves generally have very little to do with any other races but this does not stem from any animosity or unfriendliness. With a lifespan measuring in the thousands of years and lives focused on delicate beauty they just see no need to trouble themselves with the endless conflicts of the brutish children surrounding them. Literacy among the Elves is universal, poverty and hunger are all but unheard of.

Built into and among the trees in the very center of the Black Forest is Taras Minasse, the Elves’ only permanent city. Among its many wonders is the tower of Ingole Curu, the last known organized school of arcane magic on Earth. The Elven government is nominally a monarchy but except in matters of war the King exercises little direct control over any settlements outside of the city. For the last three thousand years King Amrath has kept the peace in the Elven lands.

The Elves tolerate no aggression in their forest, a lesson many forces have learned the hard way. Individuals or small groups who come in peace are generally either ignored or, if they catch the Elves’ interest somehow, hospitably interacted with.

Currency: the Elves mint their own currency which roughly corresponds to the Roman denominations. Due to its rarity and beauty though it generally has a value beyond the weight of its metal. They do very little trading with outsiders.

Languages: The Elves have their own language, but with their intellectual curiosity and vast libraries one could find a speaker of virtually any tongue among them.

Weapons, Armor & Equipment: The Elves favor long swords, short swords and longbows of their own design and craftsmanship. Their armor is usually highly embellished leather and their crafting of Elven Chain, lighter than leather and stronger than steel, is legendary. Use of shields is rare. The Elves do not fight from horseback, preferring to move through the trees of their homeland.

Religions: The Elves worship their own racial deities.

Player-Character Possibilities: Fighter, paladin (Elvish gods), ranger, rogue, bard, cleric (Elvish gods), druid, wizard, sorcerer. Player-character Elves will be younger, certainly under 400 years old, and going through a rebellious phase akin to that of a human in his late teens.

The Black Forest

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